by Dave Cornwell


Welcome to my Wildlife blog.

This is a photographic diary of my endeavours at wildlife photography which I started five years ago. I have always been interested in wildlife, birdwatching, the environment and the weather. I hope to combine all of these with my other longstanding hobby of photography.
I am not an avid twitcher so most of the images will be from around my home “patch” in South Essex although there will be some from holidays and other trips. I may also be inclined to travel to see a bird that particularly appeals to me in some way.
I have recently upgraded my equipment to a semi-pro level DSLR. My camera is now the excellent Pentax K3 having previously used most of its lower range predecessors. I most often shoot these days with a Pentax 300mm DA* or with a Sigma 150-500mm or a specialised lens such as the DFA 100mm Macro.

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Addendum – This blog has been transferred recently from Opera which is closing. There are lots of images below in the original blog and if you click on <read the rest of this page> and click on an image it takes you to my Flickr Photostream.

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Current Local Weather

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Winter ends!

Well I can celebrate the end of winter today with my 64th Birthday. Not that we’ve had a winter this year! There has not been a single air frost in January or February and not one flake of snow has fallen in the whole three months. This record breaking winter has been notable for its rain which started on December 12th and continued almost unbroken till the middle of February causing major lowland flooding in Western parts of the UK and with high tides and storm conditions a good deal of coastal flooding and damage. It has also had the knock on effect of the more unusual birds of recent years like Waxwings and Short Eared Owls staying in Scandinavia. This is because it has been extremely mild there as well with little snow cover so there is no shortage of food supplies. In additon the abundance of berries and even insects in the countryside and no frozen ground has meant that birds have had less need to come to the garden. So I built a feeding station in my local Nature Reserve and have been able to get some pictures of birds there!




Coal Tit


Great Spotted Woodpecker




Long Tailed Tit

Autumn and into Winter

The main excitement during Autumn were the arrival of two Red Backed Shrikes at two different but local locations. They were very happy to be photographed for the week in which they stayed producing some excellent pictures for everyone.


There were a few other niceĀ  migrant birds including a nice Wheatear, another Olive Backed Pipit , a pair of Whinchats , a Lesser Yellowlegs wader and a few Parrot Billed Crossbills .

Lesser Yellowlegs


Parrot Crossbills





Olive Backed Pipit



New Blog Startup

Opera Blog is closing down soon. I have managed to transfer most of it en bloc to here but there is a lot of work to be done to catch up and to hone this site into the way I want it to be. This looks like being a long learning process so I will start by trying to post some images!

Redpoll Warnham 2 sc fr_hf 2 landscape dark frame

Lesser Redpoll, Warnham Nature Reserve

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Catchup – continued……. Spring finally arrives.

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Catchup again !

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Another Short Eared Owl

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It snowed tonight

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