by Dave Cornwell

Catchup again !

Been very busy of late but also very lazy in keeping blog up to date. Highlight was flying in a friend's airplane to the Isle of Wight off the UK south coast which is one of the few places left in England to see Red Squirrels. Then a boat trip with another friend to the Isle of Wight but a different location. I had a go at flying the plane and driving the boat and found the former easier! The summer here has been good since the beginning of July so good to catch up with my butterfly photography.
Probably best to tell the story in pictures:-

Piper Cherokee and me at Sandown Airstrip

The Needles

SQ3 sc fr large 2

SQ4 sc fr large

SQ6 sc fr large

Dave and boat

Boat 1

Not rescuing us!!

Lifeboat 1

Chocolate Box Cottage, Yarmouth

Newtown Creek 2

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