by Dave Cornwell

Down to the New Forest

With not much happening on the local scene I spent a couple of days in the New Forest area with a wildlife photographer friend of mine. We hoped to see a couple of birds he'd not seen before, namely a Dartford Warbler and a Redstart and we were lucky on both counts. The weather started fine but deteriorated on the second day limiting opportunities somewhat but we certainly saw plenty of wildlife.

Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler

A localised bird in the UK mostly being found on heathland in SOuthern England and parts of East Anglia. Populations can be devastated by heavy snow falls in long cold spells and heather fires on the heaths.

Marsh Tit

Marsh Tit 2 NF

Marsh Tit 4 NF

This carnivorous Sundew plant was in a boggy field and appears to have captured a small fly.

Sun Dew Plant

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  1. opcat

    a dartford warbler , I would have called a warbler surprised,stunned, its round red of eyes is strange ! la photo est très belle the Marsh Tit is more common you have drosera ! what is your area ? 😆 a magic région :whistle:

    July 3, 2012 at 8:07 am